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Case Barebone C64x

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Thanks to the new C64x Barebone Case you can customize your own C64x!!!!

The keyboard of unique elegance is entirely Made in USA. The new C64x Barebone also has a slot to accommodate a DVD-RW or Bluray optical drive, on the left side of the case.

On the right side of the unit there is a multiple memory cards reader /writer and one USB slot. The power light is now the classic power button.

The new C64x keyboard maintains his original shape and offer a feeling better than the original, thanks to the classic IBM mechanism and "click sound". Even the single keys are identical to the original one as well as the colors: no detail has been overlooked. You can re enjoy the 8-bit era and play with all your favorite old games, emulating the old C64 (emulator and games not included)

The package includes: the original C64x barebone with working keyboard, a multicard reader with USB port.

Technical Specifications:
  • Mini-ITX C64x Barebone Case
  • original C64x keyboard US layout (internal USB connection)
  • Multi Card Reader (multi format + USB port)
  • Metal Tray for optical drive and hard drive installation
  • system case fan 
  • no warranty for the keyboard/barebone when you assemble by yourself

ADVICE: is not simple to assemble an c64x, you need a lot of "know how" to choose and install the right components to not rise the temperatures inside the case: it's very easy to damage the keyboard components or other parts if your configuration is not balanced or able to dissipate the internal temperatures is not responsible of any damage caused by a incorrect or bad assembly, and will VOID any Warranty


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