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RMA (returned)


Purchases on our site are ruled by Law n. 185 of 22/05/1999, in cases where the delivery of the goods takes place at the residence of the purchaser and purchases are done outside the business premises.

a) We allow to return the purchasedl the item "as it is"? Yes, we allow the return of the purchased item as on b).

b) Under what circumstances can the item return?  can you open the package before returning it? or have you to return it in the original package as you received it? You can return an object with the package opened only if it is damaged or defective. You must return the item in its original packaging as you received it.

c) Must you return it within a period of time? Yes, within 10 days after receiving it.

d) What kind of refund we offer (refund the payment or change it)? In the case of an object with defective parts or damaged, we replace the item or parts of it with new ones and working, after testing it (covered by warranty).

e) Who pays for the shipping of returned items, the buyer or the seller? Any shipment of an object to return is paid by the buyer, while we pay the next shipping to the customer. Amibyte announces that  item to withdraw must be returned with the original box and accessories without any damage or missing parts. What to exclude: the right to withdraw excludes all purchases if delivery is done in a different way from the expedition by Amibyte. Before contacting Amibyte, it is appropriate to have the following documents and informations:1) the original invoice or receipt (indicating the order number, invoice, account number) 2) the item number / s products. At this point you can contact Amibyte, which will inform you about the procedure to follow to open the return procedure. The procedure is below: You need to submit, even via fax or email, a signed document containing the declaration of malfunction, indicating all data mentioned above ( invoice and customer number of products to be subject to withdraw, bank details). How is the shipping (Shipping return)? After enabling the return procedure is necessary to insert the goods in the original (or similar) packaging, in order to protect the original product from any damage, written or alteration. Amibyte has the right to reject the goods received in case of non-compliance with the above procedure. The goods to return must be sent to: Amibyte, Piazza del Comune 42, 06081 Assisi (Pg) Italy, within 10 working days from the date of return authorization. For shipping we recommend to use a  postal service, courier or other means with a shipment tracking.

Notes: Amibyte doesn't accept shipments of parts or products not containing packaging, accessories or manuals, have been carried out without activating the RMA request or without following the procedures for sending. In such cases the shipping costs related to the return will be added to the customer.